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Best 5 Star Hotels In Mauritius 2020

The island of Mauritius is considered one of the elite resort destinations, so its hotels invariably meet the highest quality standards. If you go to the “four” or “five”, you get the service at the appropriate level. But there are also hotels that stand out. There are many worthy candidates. To make it easier to choose where to relax in Mauritius, I have compiled a list that includes the highest class hotels: top 10 best hotels in Mauritius 5 stars on the rating and reviews of holidaymakers. Hotels are chosen with such calculation that you can fly on vacation to any of them, using the services of tour operators.

1. Trou aux Biches Resort and Spa

Perfect honeymoon hotel in Mauritius

Trou-aux-Biches-Resort-and-Spa-MauritiusPrice & Details:

The Trou aux Biches Resort and Spa not only topped the ranking of the best five-star hotels in Mauritius, but also sits on one of the island’s best beaches.

Trous-o-Bish Resort and Spa rarely has a place to go, but if you know your wedding day in advance, this is where your honeymoon is best. For newlyweds, the hotel offers no co-payments, and the newlyweds will appreciate their privacy and romantic environment.

But even if you come just to relax, this hotel will be a great choice. Its two-storey bungalows with their own pools are spread out over a huge area in the shade of palm trees, but despite this, life is boiling here.

The hotel offers many opportunities for outdoor activities, including diving. You can order food in one of several restaurants, of which Italian is particularly popular. Tro-o-Bish Resort and Spa also has a very high-level spa.

2. Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort

Hotel on the own island


Price & Details:

The Shangri-La Le Tueresort Resort and Spa is different from the rest of the hotel on its own island. Some of the buildings, bungalows and gazebos from which it consists, are spread out on the ocean, others – form a picturesque cluster on the island, located right among the sea waves. It is the island, which can be accessed by a long bridge, became the center of life in the hotel.

The hotel gives everyone a good time, including families with children and people with disabilities. Children here are provided with active and entertaining leisure, and people who watch their body, will appreciate the cosmetic and wellness center. Four restaurants offer different types of menus, including children’s and diet. Also very positive comments holidaymakers about the local coffee.

  • Private island (Ilot Mangenie)
  • 5 restaurants (International, Indian, Japanese, Grill, Mediterranean) and 3 bars
  • Golf & Fitness
  • Spa and Massages
  • Watersports (Windsurfing, Snorkelling, Scuba diving and more)
  • 50 min from airport

3. The Oberoi Mauritius 5

Balinese-style hotel


Price & Details:

Oberoi Mavritus is a luxurious, albeit very expensive, hotel belonging to the Indian hotel chain and decorated in the Balinese style. Unlike many other hotels, the design does not end with the design of the rooms – elements of this style you can find in the decorations in the surrounding area, and even in the surrounding area staff’s clothes.

There is only one type of room – spacious apartments with a living and dining area, a terrace and a bed the size of a king-size. But there are several types of villas – including a villa with a private garden or with its own pool and a villa with two bedrooms and a swimming pool. Guests of Oberoi Mavritus speak very positively about the impeccable service of the staff, but note that the hotel, with the exception of breakfasts, has a somewhat sad situation with food: it artfully cooked, but the portions are small and very expensive. However, this is unlikely to confuse those who have the opportunity to spend a holiday in this hotel. Otherwise, it meets the highest quality standards.

  • Unique garden with over 200 different plants
  • Villas with private garden or swimming pool
  • Spa and Fitness
  • Kids club and a Library
  • Watersports (Windsurfing, Snorkelling, Scuba diving and more)
  • 20 min from Port-Louis
  • 60 min from airport

4. Four Seasons Resort 5

Private villas for families and companies


Price & Details:

The ForSOnS Resort (Four Seasons Resort) is in the thick of mangrove gardens and attracts holidaymakers not only for its picturesque location, but also for its great variety The options and amenities are lower than those in many other hotels. There are no rooms in the common building, but there are many different types of villas, among which you can choose the right one for you. You can go here with a large family or a group of friends – the range of the hotel has villas with three, four and even five bedrooms!

There are only three restaurants on site, but the food in them is very praised. The only thing that may seem not too attractive – it’s a fairly shallow sea with an uncomfortable beach. However, the problem of sea bathing is easy to solve: next door to the hotel is a small island with a beautiful beach, where you can swim for free by boat.

5. The Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort

Inexpensive hotel in the first line


Price & Details:

The Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort is the most inexpensive five-star hotel in Mauritius in the first line. Prices for tours to the hotel start from 200,000. 7 nights, breakfast food. The price includes flights, accommodation, insurance and transfers.

“Haritage Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort” welcomes holidaymakers to a large manicured area overlooking the Citronicriver River, which runs near the hotel, and spacious rooms, In the design of which is used white color and wood accents.

The pride of the hotel is its own golf course on 18 holes. It offers a wide range of rooms, among which golf fans have a special offer: they are given the opportunity to use the field for free and without restrictions and A golf cart.

In addition to golf, there are other active activities. In addition to the standard set for water sports and sports with a ball, you have the opportunity to go on one of the excursions, which for a fee are organized by the staff Hotel. These include walking and cycling tours, as well as excursions dedicated to local culture.

6. LUX* Belle Mare (ex. Beau Rivage)

The best hotel on Bel Mar beach


Price & Details:

Luxury Bel Mar is another high-end hotel with a wide range of rooms. It is considered to be the best hotel in the resort of Bel Mar, which attracts diving enthusiasts. This fame “Luxury Bel Mar” has won for a reason, because it offers its guests the best service and everything you would expect from an elite five-star hotel.

Holidaymakers speak particularly positively about local dishes: there are five restaurants on site, four of which serve the menu. Here you can taste the cuisine from all over the world, from Mexican to Indian and Cantonese. One of the restaurants is assigned two Michelin stars, so even the most picky of gourmets will be satisfied.

The famous Bel Mar beach is located next to the hotel, but the hotel also has a huge pool of 2,000 m2.

7. LUX* Le Morne (Ex. Les Pavillons)

One of the best beaches in Mauritius


Price & Details:

Like the previous hotel, Lux Le Morne belongs to the well-known hotel chain LUX, which is always the key to quality. Lux E. Morne has two features that make it stand out.

The first feature is the wonderful beach, considered one of the best beaches in Mauritius. If you go for a swim in the ocean – then you here.

The second feature is reflected in the name of the hotel: it is located at the foot of Mount Le Morne, one of the most beautiful landscape sights of the island. You can not only admire the view of it, but also, if physical training allows, to make a walking tour to it.

The choice of restaurants a la carte in this hotel is not as good as that of his fellow “Luxury Belle Mar”, but for coffee lovers there is a separate coffee shop, where the drink is prepared professionally and from The best ingredients.

8. One’s Only Le Saint Geran

Colonial-style hotel


Price & Details:

Le Saint-Jeran belongs to the one-and-only hotel chain and attracts guests with well-schooled and friendly staff, a good location and a large Variety of rooms for all tastes. They are decorated in the French colonial style, so Europeans do not have to get used to the new environment for a long time.

The hotel is particularly popular with older guests: there is a dietary menu and all the amenities, including for people in wheelchairs. Golf fans are sure to be interested in a nearby golf course.

“Le Saint Geran” is respectable in everything. In addition to active entertainment, there is a library and the opportunity to play one of the many board games. Also, the guests are offered their services butler.

9. Constance Le Prince Maurice 5

One of the most luxurious hotels in Mauritius


Price & Details:

“Constance Le Prince Maurice” from a bird’s-eye view resembles a scattering of dark and light tents – a feature that lies in its unusual architecture. Most of the hotel’s holidaymakers live in villas located right on the water.

On sway there are not only residential buildings – common areas are also often located on wooden platforms or in elegant high gazebos. The coastline here is amazingly original, so you will move around on the property not only by land, but also on numerous bridges, uniting parts of Le Prince Maurice in a single network.

There are only three restaurants, but guests speak very highly of the quality of the dishes and service. Exceptionality in everything – what allowed “Prince Maurice” to get one of the highest average ratings on reviews of guests.

  • Luxurious suites and villas
  • Golf
  • Spa and wellness
  • Watersports (Windsurfing, Snorkelling and more)
  • 60 min from airport and Port Louis

10. Shanti Maurice A Nira Resort (Ex. Shanti Ananda)

The best spa hotel in Mauritius


Price & Details:

In “Shanti Maurice A Neera” most go not for swimming in the ocean and active entertainment, but to give rest to your body and return lost due to everyday stresses mental Balance. The hotel is positioning itself as a spa, and for this purpose there are more than a half dozen buildings.

The Shanty Spa is considered to be the best on the island, and for a reason – the usual wellness and cosmetic procedures are not limited. It uses extensive use of Ayurvedic practices and yoga, and you can order a multi-day set of procedures that is right for you. But even if you’re not going to use the spa, the hotel is perfect if you need a peaceful holiday and relaxation.

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