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The Importance Of The Instagram Theme (ideas & filters)

Ever looked at your Instagram feed and thought it looked overwhelming? Well, this is the post for you.

An Instagram feed can be easily described as a personal portfolio which reflects who you are and what you enjoy. In other words, the better it looks, the more interactions you’ll get on the page. One of the best ways to gain followers on Instagram is to establish a theme. A lovely look that will help you up your engagement. Learn 5 ways to grow your Instagram.

“Decorating” a profile on Instagram is a real race for brands. Everyone is trying to outperform the competition and turn their presence into a digital masterpiece. It is not easy to do it, because the design, which aroused interest a year ago, are everyone tired now to see. The topics collected in this review for Instagram will inspire you to create or update your profile in an up-to-date and interesting style.

Why should you have an Instagram theme?

The answer is simple: to gain attention immediately. If you create an Instagram theme and stick to it, people will associate that with your name, and that is the way your photos will become more recognizable.

The Instagram theme is the general design of your presence, the same style and mood. When developing a strategy, it’s important to find the right design for your profile and stick to it even in the smallest details. Often it is the general visual perception of the profile that influences the user’s decision: he/she will either want to subscribe or pass by.

The consistency of your presence plays an important role here. This works at the level of psychology: a potential client evaluates an account in less than a minute and makes up their own idea of what content can be expected of you in the future. If the tape looks chaotic, it can cause confusion and negatively affect the performance.

Instagram theme before and after

A lot of people think that having an Instagram theme means every picture needs to look the same. They are not! It is all about focusing on the overall story and the colors. It’s your choice if you want your feed to be warm, full of colors, dark and so on. In the example above I used a combination of Travel Blogger and Fashion Blogger packs but you can also create your own.

Enjoy higher engagement

Because your profile will be noticed that much more, you will get notably higher engagement in the form of follows, comments and likes. Learn how you can now monetize your Instagram.

Aside from the fact that you feel the ultimate satisfaction when you visit your feed, I’ve realized that Instagram themes are an easy way to give your brand its own visual identity. This is important because your followers are able to identify your work wherever they see it. Additionally, your followers have an idea of what to expect from you every time, which not only gives them a sense of inclusiveness and excitement but also benefits you because you automatically cultivate a loyal following that comes back for more.

If you have your own Brand

Instagram is perfect for promoting on social networks – nothing works better than being able to see the product with your own eyes. If the profile is beautiful and the photos are trustworthy, casual visitors turn into potential customers directly on social networks.

Instagram encourages you to develop the aesthetics of your brand: you start thinking more about the visual image of the store, more often you are in the profile, which eventually positively affects Account traffic.

When a new visitor enters the account, you need to impress and let to subscribe. And here a lot depends on how you work with the external appearance of the business profile: what is the general mood, color palette, whether the photos are combined, whether you want to look at them.

A beautiful Instagram theme takes time, planning and design vision, but it’s not that hard if you find something that reflects your style, product well, and stick to it.

I hope these tips have helped you understand Instagram themes.

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