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The Benefits of Email Marketing vs Social Media


SMM (social media marketing) rushes around the world with confident steps – you can’t argue with that, but if you use numbers and facts, an interesting story comes out. Today I will tell you why email newsletter remains a leader in e-commerce and give 6 reasons for its effectiveness.

1. Arithmetics

It turns out that email has almost 3 times more accounts than Facebook. Just imagine this 2.9 billion email addresses.

2. Good Communication Channel

How often do you hear “send me an email“? It is more convenient for users to read business correspondence, to learn about company events through emails. People go to social networks to relax but deal with business issues and watch advertising campaigns is not always a desire.

3. Reliability

If you compare contacts in social networks and email contacts, then they, of course, are different. As a rule, a person starts an email for a long time and often does not change it. The communication email format focuses more on the business context of the conversation.

Having more than one addresses is not beneficial for the user and to change them often too. The communication with many who you previously contacted will be lost.

While the format of social networks is entertaining. Sometimes accounts are deleted, deactivated and communication with a person is lost. Therefore, the way to deliver useful information about your company via e-mails is one of the best.

4. Relevance

At the moment, email is not only a key tool in Internet marketing, but also one of the mechanisms of the worldwide Internet. Not a single purchase, registration on the site or the social networks takes place without indicating an email address. Therefore, trigger letters, message letters will not lose their relevance for a long time.

5. Versatility

In some cases, promotion through email marketing is more effective than through SMM. As practice shows, serious companies that provide commercial services or promote industrial products are very difficult to promote on social networks. After all, one of the criteria for the success of SMM is often updated content, but writing content involving such services is not an easy task. In this sense, e-mail newsletter is a more reliable option.

6. Email Features

One of the features of mailing lists is the ability to track the reaction of users to your letter – the percentage of opening letters, the relevance of the subject, the demand for offers and the usefulness of the links.


Email marketing is one of the most effective tools in the field of commerce today where GetResponse is one of the leaders. If you are considering to use email or SMM promotion, I’ll tell you – take two! You can compare email newsletters and SMM promotion for a long time, but you won’t find a definite answer which method will be effective for your company. They have one goal, but different mechanics. Test, improve the quality of communication with customers, be successful!

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