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What is the difference between a Blogger and an Influencer?

While both might seem like the same thing, they are not and people should not mistake the two for being the same.


Influencers are people on social media like Instagram or Youtube that have a huge following and as a result have a huge impact on people’s buying decisions. They influence people! They will persuade you to want a product just by posting a nice picture and be seen wearing / using the product. They usually will not have a website.

  • Usually are on social media only (like on Instagram)
  • Have many followers
  • Influence people to buy a product
  • Usually will not have a website


Bloggers on the other hand can be a Blogger and an Influencer in the same time. They have a website and a lot of work goes into creating original content. Blogging is a passion and for some even a job. It’s for those who want to share information with others. Bloggers may use social media too to promote but it is not their only means of communication. Becoming a Blogger and an Influencer in the same time is an extremely powerful combination.

  • Can be a Blogger and an Influencer in the same time
  • Has a website
  • Creating original content (articles)
  • Sharing information with others (articles)
  • May have a social media profile too

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  1. Namita Narendra Dhere says

    It’s helpful.

  2. Kartik says

    I want to be a travel nd fashion bloggers

    1. Adventurer In You says

      Hi Kartik. Keep reading other articles too and you will find all information you need 😉

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